Smarter Benefits, Better Outcomes

Progyny is bringing new life to fertility and family building benefits with superior clinical outcomes that exceed national averages. Our results include higher pregnancy success rates, lower miscarriage rates, and lower twinning rates.

Progyny represents Progyny in-network provider clinic averages for Progyny members only based on the 12-month period ended December 31, 2020. For each Progyny outcome presented, the p-value when compared to the national average is <0.0001.
1 Calculated based on the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, or SART, 2018 National Summary Report, finalized in 2021
2 Calculated based on CDC, 2019 National Summary and Clinic Data Sets, published in 2021


Our comprehensive approach seamlessly integrates each of our innovative services into one powerful program. Progyny makes the fertility benefits landscape easier to navigate for employers and employees alike.

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