The no compromise benefit that has the power to change lives

With superior outcomes that far outpace national averages, Progyny paves a healthier, quicker path to parenthood for employees while helping companies ensure more efficient use of their benefit dollars without compromising on care.


Support All Employees

Provide an equitable solution that supports single parents by choice and LGBTQ+ employees as they navigate the path to parenthood.


Lower Costs

Lower treatment costs and minimize unpredictable claims associated with high-risk pregnancies and multiple births while normalizing your company’s spend.


Provide High-Quality Care

Give employees an opportunity to receive the best treatment, the first time, from the nation’s most sought after fertility experts.

Driven by science, supported by data

No guesswork here. Progyny’s unique Smart Cycle benefit empowers physicians to practice the best medicine – and our outcomes prove it.

Superior outcomes

Progyny consistently exceeds national averages for every important measure of fertility treatment success, ensuring a better member experience and lower costs for employers. Progyny is proud to be the first fertility solution to publicly publish its clinical outcomes with an independent validation of its methodology. Compared with national benchmarks, Progyny’s solution is proven to yield:

  • 27% higher live birth rate¹
  • 73% lower IVF multiples rate²

Impactful and predictable use of benefit dollars

Progyny’s superior outcomes guarantee the most value for your benefit dollar, translating to:

  • Reduced treatment and medication costs
  • Cost avoidance with fewer high-risk maternity, multiple births and NICU claims
  • Improved mental health and increased productivity for employees

No compromise treatment

Traditional benefit plans often cause patients to disregard best medical practices, such as genetic testing and single embryo transfer, due to the fear of using up their limited coverage. This inadvertently results in an increased number of high-risk pregnancies, pre-term births, and NICU stays.

Attract and retain top talent

Nearly 60%³ of employers say family friendly benefits have helped them attract top talent in the last three years – and this number is expected to continue to climb. Family friendly benefits also influence employee retention. Employees looking to start a family may be compelled to stay at their current employer if they have a more robust benefit package.

Progyny represents Progyny in-network provider clinic averages for Progyny members only based on the 12-month period ended December 31, 2022. For each Progyny outcome presented, the p-value when compared to the national average is <0.0001.

1: Calculated based on the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, or SART, 2020 National Summary Report, finalized in 2023.

2: Calculated based on CDC, 2021 National Summary and Clinic Data Sets, published in 2023.

3: Willis Towers Watson 2020 Emerging Trends in Health Care Survey – US

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Value-based utilization model

With Progyny’s value-based, utilization driven pricing model, you pay for the services actually utilized by your employees.

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Know the impact

As a Progyny partner, you’ll receive transparent quarterly reporting with a detailed breakdown of your utilization, spend, outcomes, and member satisfaction.

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