Progyny Member Stories

The journey to parenthood can be difficult, and we are truly humbled to play a pivotal role in such an innately personal process. These Progyny success stories are the WHY behind everything we do.

The Paces

As a same-sex female couple, Samantha and Jessica knew that they would need some help growing their family. When they found the standard treatment wasn’t working, they were able to access a life changing treatment, in vitro fertilization (IVF), with the help of their Progyny fertility coverage from their employer.

Angela Vega

When Angela and her husband were ready to start trying to conceive, Angela removed her IUD and waited for her menstrual cycle to come. When it didn’t, she began the lengthy process of finding out why.

Emily and Ian

Emily and Ian were planning for the future – a wedding and children someday – when Emily’s breast cancer diagnosis halted everything. After the initial shock, the couple’s focus shifted to cancer treatment, and planning for life after cancer. With the help of their Progyny fertility coverage from Ian’s employer, Emily was able to preserve her fertility prior to cancer treatment.

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