Egg Freezing: Preserving Fertility Before Cancer Treatment

Emily and Ian

Emily and Ian

Emily and Ian were planning for the future – a wedding and children someday – when Emily’s breast cancer diagnosis halted everything. After the initial shock, the couple’s focus shifted to cancer treatment, and planning for life after cancer. With the help of their Progyny fertility coverage from Ian’s employer, Emily was able to preserve her fertility prior to cancer treatment. Watch their video:

When facing a cancer diagnosis, fertility preservation may not be top of mind, but it is important that people know their options for the future. Cancer treatment, like chemotherapy and radiation, can impact a person’s ability to have children, but through oncofertility, more patients have treatment options to preserve their fertility prior to treatment.

Oncofertility is a multidisciplinary field of medicine where oncologists work together with reproductive endocrinologists. For Emily and Ian, the treatment was fertility preservation, or egg freezing. This was a time sensitive procedure at a very hectic point of time for Emily and Ian.

Progyny was there for support.

“What was amazing about Progyny was that from day 1, I felt like they were a part of our care team.”

— Emily

The couple’s Progyny coverage included egg freezing. Egg freezing, and IVF can be prohibitively expensive, but with their Progyny coverage, Emily and Ian knew they would have access to everything that they needed.

“One of the things I found so valuable about Progyny was the Smart Cycle plan. Each Smart Cycle covers soup to nuts what you would need to go through the entire process.”

— Ian

Emily’s cancer treatment went well, as did her fertility preservation cycle, and the couple had several frozen embryos for their future family building goals.

For Emily, the Progyny coverage provided tremendous peace of mind through the entire process, “Knowing that we have Progyny in our corner, that’s something that we will never take for granted.”

The couple is very grateful to Ian’s employer for offering such life changing coverage.

“The fact that they have coverage and provide it and care about their employees enough to go to that length for them. It’s a very proud moment for us.”

— Ian

Follow their Journey

Emily and Ian have kept us updated on their fertility journey and now have a son! Follow their journey on our podcast, This is Infertility.

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