Menopause and Midlife Care

Our comprehensive menopause and perimenopause support helps women navigate their health with confidence and comfort.

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Only 25% of women receive the treatment they need to manage menopause symptoms

Symptoms can last a decade or more, making everyday life more difficult. With 93% of providers saying they do not feel adequately trained to manage menopause, women are left to navigate this time alone, without appropriate care.

of women experiencing menopause reported missing work due to symptoms; 18% for 8 weeks or more​1
1 in 5
women consider leaving their job entirely due to symptoms​2
$26 billion in annual costs from medical expenses and lost work time due to menopause symptoms​3
higher medical costs from pursuing the wrong care for relief​4

It’s time for comprehensive menopause care

Progyny’s menopause solution is designed to remove barriers to treatment and improve health outcomes with timely access to expert medical providers, coaching and personalized education.

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  Specialized provider network

Our premier network of clinicians (OB/GYNs, MD, NPs) in all 50 states are specifically trained in perimenopause, menopause, and midlife care.

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Personalized support & treatment plans

The Progyny menopause care team creates personalized treatment and support plans to help members effectively manage their menopause symptoms and overall health. 

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Exceptional member experience

Progyny members have access to preferred appointments with in-network specialists, digital education tools, and a dedicated Patient Care Advocate (PCA) to coordinate care and provide support.

Why choose Progyny?

Learn why Progyny has led the industry with 99% client retention rate for 8 years and counting.

“It’s time to not just bring ‘the menopause talk’ to the workplace, but help a major portion of the workforce understand how they can – with the right team of expert support and care – understand, manage, and celebrate a key transition of their life.”
Dr. Janet Choi
Progyny Chief Medical Officer
“Menopause symptoms have gone widely untreated and unrecognized, impacting the retention and well-being of women during critical stages of growth in their careers.”
Dr. Janet Choi
Progyny Chief Medical Officer

Menopause Benefits at Work

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