The fertility and family building solution that delivers

Progyny’s unique approach to fertility and family building consistently delivers healthier pregnancies and babies, more supported, happier employees, and cost-savings for employers.

The need for fertility and family building benefits is urgent

1 in 6
globally are impacted by infertility​1
of employees would forgo more pay for a more generous health benefits package​2
of LGBTQ+ individuals planning to build families expect to use reproductive technology or other costly interventions to become parents3

Why Progyny?

Progyny helps companies just like yours, delivering support to over 460 companies across 45+ industries.

St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital
Metro Nashville Public Schools
The Boston Beer Company, Inc.
HCA Healthcare

Progyny Meets Both Employer and Employee Needs

Delivering value where it matters most

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Drive diversity and inclusion efforts

Dollar cap fertility benefits and traditional carrier plans are often unwittingly discriminatory and inequitable. Our equitable solution supports all journeys (including adoption, surrogacy, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, single parents), drives evidence-based care decision-making and reduces care inequities.

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Increase your competitive edge

Family-friendly benefits are essential to recruiting and retaining top talent – in addition to the 68% who would switch jobs for better fertility benefits, more than 56% of people say that their healthcare benefits are the biggest reason for staying at their job.4


Stretch your benefits dollars further

Our members get pregnant faster, with less treatment and medication. These healthier pregnancies lead to healthier babies, reducing employer costs. Plus – you only pay for what your employees use.


See the actual benefit impact

We’re the only fertility and family building vendor that captures outcomes from every member, and publicly publishes outcomes data for our entire population. This is the only way you can measure true ROI.

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Benefits that are good for the health of your team, and your bottom line

Holistic Family Building Support For All Employees

Progyny meets each member, and their preconception to postpartum needs, exactly where they are, no matter what journey they are on.

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Healthier pregnancies, babies and families​

If you are struggling with fertility, all you want is to bring home your baby. Progyny delivers on our promise of helping members achieve a healthy pregnancy, faster, and have a healthy baby, more than other solutions in market.

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Flexibility and largest choice of top providers

Members have access to more than 1,000 of the country’s leading fertility specialists – including reproductive urologists. Our physicians are known for their superior success rates, meaning employees are more likely to achieve their dream of growing their family.

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A member experience that goes the extra mile

Facing infertility comes with a number of challenges, but members will never face them alone. We provide 1-on-1 support, guidance, robust digital tools, and resources that alleviate anxiety and stress, and improve productivity.

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Paving the way for the support employees deserve ​

As the innovator in the family building space, we have partnered with some of the most notable companies and organizations in the country to transform fertility and family building benefits. Much like family building, our journey continues to evolve with innovative solutions that drive us toward one goal – healthier families, and happier employees.
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A revolutionary approach to fertility​

Our equitable model, expansive provider network, and meaningful member experience consistently drives the most successful outcomes in the industry. We know that successful businesses require transparency, which is why we prioritize data sharing with our clients, and our own track record is proven and public. ​
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Hear Directly From Our Members

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from the thousands of families supported by their employers through Progyny.​

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Progyny is proof that a fertility and family building benefit can support your company goals, and your employee’s dreams.

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