Is Progyny right for your company?

If you’re searching for a solution that works in harmony with your health plan, achieves superior outcomes and the highest levels of member satisfaction, and optimizes your overall benefit spend, meet Progyny.

Your employees need smarter fertility benefits

Fertility treatments are expensive. In fact, the cost of care associated with a successful outcome usually far exceeds the coverage limit provided by most traditional insurance plans. Financial wellness suffers when employees resort to bold measures like:

  • Taking on second jobs
  • Opening high-interest credit cards
  • Borrowing against their 401(k) plans

Traditional coverage is flawed

When employees feel like they only have “one shot,” they often find themselves making cost-based decisions. For example, they may insist on the transfer of multiple embryos during an IVF cycle, which can result in:

  • A higher incidence of multiple births – which can be dangerous and more costly for everyone
  • Unpredictable spikes in claims for their employers
  • Emotional and physical fatigue which can decrease productivity and increase absenteeism

An integrated approach that optimizes your spend

With Progyny, you’ll get the most value for your benefit dollar. Leveraging our scale and superior outcomes, Progyny not only lowers your costs but helps you minimize the unpredictable spikes in claims that accompany high-risk pregnancies and multiple births.

Accessible to all

Progyny is a benefit that is comprehensive, equitable, and inclusive, allowing you to support all employees in an extremely meaningful way. It also gives you the ability to tangibly reinforce your company’s values.

Comprehensive and flexible design

Our outcomes-centered approach allows our providers to tailor a treatment plan to each member’s individual needs, with the best chance for a successful singleton pregnancy that’s healthier for both mother and baby.

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We help companies just like yours

Progyny currently partners with more than 460 clients across 45+ industries. We are proud to serve 6.7 million members.
Advised by experts

We are guided by a team of experts

We routinely turn to the experts on our Medical Advisory Board for the most current research on the science and advancements across reproductive medicine.