Proven Impact, Superior Outcomes

Progyny’s fertility and family building solution is proven to help members have healthier pregnancies and healthy babies

Driven by the design of our solution, our members need fewer treatments and less medication to achieve their dreams of growing their family. Progyny has consistently delivered superior clinical outcomes every year since our founding.

Out of network clinic average |
National Average |
In-network clinic average for all patients (includes non-Progyny patients at clinic) |
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Note: Progyny represents Progyny in-network provider clinic averages for Progyny members based on the 12-month period ended December 31, 2022. For each Progyny outcome presented, the p-value when compared to the national average is <0.0001. | 1. Calculated based on the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, or SART, 2020 National Summary Report, finalized in 2023. | 2. Calculated based on CDC, 2021 National Summary and Clinic Data Sets, published in 2023. |

Outcomes employers can trust

Measurement of outcomes and cost for every patient is essential to understanding the overall value in healthcare. Progyny is proud to be the first fertility solution to publicly publish its clinical outcomes with an independent validation of its methodology. Learn more about our outcomes in the full report and download a free toolkit to help you calculate and measure a solution’s outcomes.

Milliman Report cover - Evaluation of Progyny's Methodology Used in their Fertility Outcomes Study

The meaningful impact of superior outcomes

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Less treatment required

Our higher pregnancy rate and lower miscarriage rate means that our members achieve a pregnancy faster, with fewer rounds of fertility treatment and less medication. Members experience less emotional heartache, less time away from work, and less financial stress.

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Healthier pregnancies

Our favorable single embryo transfer rate and low multiples rates means our members are less likely to have a stressful, high-risk pregnancy. This drives significant cost avoidance for employers due to reduced high-risk maternity and NICU costs.

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More healthy babies

Our higher live birth rate means that Progyny is delivering in its mission of helping members achieve their dreams of growing their family, and that members are receiving the support they need from their employer to do so.

Progyny's model - Large, actively managed provider network; comprehensive, equitable Smart Cycles; integrated medical and Rx, dedicated concierge member support

Progyny’s superior outcomes are the direct result of our model

Our solution’s core components – our dedicated, concierge member service, comprehensive and equitable benefit design, actively managed, high-quality provider network, and integrated Rx – work uniquely together to enable us to meaningfully impact the quality of care and overall outcomes, while managing costs.

Fertility in the Workplace