The LGBTQ+ Family Building Landscape – And How Employers Can Make an Impact

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An inclusive benefits package can speak volumes about how an employer chooses to support its employees. One area that is often overlooked is access to family building support for LGBTQ+ employees.  

A recent panel at Open Finance Forum NYC discussed the future of family for the LGBTQ+ community – from the political landscape to understanding the employee experience to organizational benefit strategies.  

Watch highlights from the event below, featuring insights from panelists: Carole Noujaim, SVP of Strategy Sales, Progyny; Stacey Stevenson, President and CEO of Family Equality; Sarah Reinke-Dejak, Senior Director of Marketing, Progyny. 

The LGBTQ+ family building landscape

Watch to learn more about

  • How Family Equality is working toward their mission of creating a world where everyone can experience family – including policy work, resources to support LGBTQ+ families moving away from hostile states, community-based programs and guides, and more 
  • How people of color are uniquely impacted by challenges in the LGBTQ+ family building landscape 
  • What employers and corporations can do to help protect LGBTQ+ employees and their right to family 
  • The impact of meaningful support for employees and families, including attraction, retention, productivity, and morale 

Benefits and considerations before the next election

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  • The future of LGBTQ+ policy – much of it bright, with 62 million American voters prioritizing LGBTQ+ rights when deciding who to vote for 
  • How organizations can advocate for and protect LGBTQ+ families as we look ahead to the next election  
  • Policy work underway to update definitions of infertility to be more inclusive  
  • The importance of understanding your rights as a family, adoption laws by state, and the legal nature of a parent-child relationship 

An employer’s benefit strategy and policy

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  • The challenges employees are currently facing, and how employers are addressing those concerns  
  • Understanding the breadth of the family building spectrum and how it impacts a population: from preconception to maternity to postpartum to menopause and women’s health 
  • Streamlining the logistics of benefits (implementation, contracts, security reviews, etc.) 
  • How traditional insurance plans with dollar caps can compromise care due to decisions being made based on cost rather than outcomes 
  • How Progyny is addressing gaps and nuances in care in the family building space across different communities  
  • How a specialized provider network positively impacts outcomes reporting and success rates of healthcare treatments  
  • How organizations can better understand the challenges facing the LGBTQ+ community and be more vocal in their support and advocacy for the community 

A dive into the employee experience

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  • The unique journey one employee took to build her family, and barriers to care along the way 
  • How LGBTQ+ families can be excluded from fertility treatment coverage due to infertility diagnosis requirements  
  • What an equitable fertility benefit looks like and how it impacts the employee experience 
  • The impact of support and patient advocacy 

Family Equality is working toward a world where everyone can experience family. For more information about their work and support for the LGBTQ+ community, take a look at their 2023 recap. To learn more about their impact firsthand, browse their story library.

Progyny is charting a new path for fertility and family benefits for employers. To understand if a company is providing an equitable family building benefit, check out Progyny’s checklist. To better understand the LGBTQ+ family building landscape and the impact of benefits, dive into Progyny’s LGBTQ+ Fertility and Family Building Survey.