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I am an individual with the Progyny benefit through my employer, or I am not sure if have Progyny.

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I am an employer interested in offering fertility and family building benefits to my employees.

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I am a consultant evaluating fertility and family building benefits on behalf of my clients.

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I am a health plan interested in learning more about Progyny’s fertility and family building benefits.

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I am interested in learning about family building topics such as fertility, IVF, IUI, egg freezing and more.

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Learn what Progyny can bring to your employees, members, or clients.

Not sure where you fit in these? Other commonly asked questions:

I don’t know if I have Progyny. Can you help me find out?

Looking to better understand your coverage or eligibility? We can help! Contact us.

I would like to get fertility benefit coverage, is there a way to get started?

Approaching your company about introducing a fertility and family-building benefit can be intimidating — but it doesn’t have to be. Get in touch to receive resources on how to talk to your HR department.

Can an individual buy fertility coverage from Progyny?

The Progyny benefit is an employer-sponsored benefit. Individuals cannot buy coverage from Progyny directly. If you would like to help bring fertility benefits to your company, start here.

Have additional questions that are not answered here? Interested about learning more about Progyny’s services?

Check out our detailed Frequently Asked Questions page!