Charting a new path for fertility and family building benefits

What happens when companies, physicians, and employees work together? Say hello to Progyny, a family building benefit with an entirely new playbook.

A holistic approach to fertility and family building

Backed by science and data, powered by passion. We believe everyone should be able to pursue their dream of having a family. At Progyny, our data-driven model is at the heart of everything we do, laying the groundwork for superior clinical outcomes, cost savings, and exceptional member experiences.


Comprehensive coverage

Progyny’s benefit model gives employees better access to care without ever having to worry about running out of coverage mid-treatment.


Efficient employer healthcare spend

Employers are able to save on treatment costs while normalizing spend and eliminating high-cost claims associated with multiple births.


Best-in-class provider network

Progyny provides access to the most highly sought-after fertility specialists in the country.


Superior outcomes, better experiences

Progyny’s integrated, comprehensive solution drives superior outcomes, which, in turn, ensure outstanding member experiences.

Since 2016, we’ve been transforming the industry

Our comprehensive Smart Cycle approach drives our success. The numbers don’t lie.


Unparalleled service and high-touch member experience

Each member receives unlimited access to their dedicated Patient Care Advocate (PCA). Members who receive this level of guidance and support feel educated and empowered to make the best treatment decisions.


Top-notch medical care

Progyny members have access to more than 900 of the country’s leading fertility specialists. Physicians must meet a rigorous set of inclusion standards before they are invited to join our network.

Progyny in the Media


An Argument for Speaking Up About Fertility — and Its Complications — at Work

October 6, 2021
It’s vital for organizations to support their employees through some of their toughest moments. Cassandra Pratt, SVP of People at Progyny, spoke with Chief about why it’s so important for companies to put compassionate policies in place for those who are dealing with fertility treatment, miscarriages, and pregnancy.


Pregnancy loss leave is missing from our parental leave conversation. Here’s why it’s so important

September 2, 2021
Amanda Lesesne, VP of Sales at Progyny, knows first-hand the physical and emotional toll of pregnancy loss. In this moving op-ed, she explains why we need to have more conversations about pregnancy loss leave for employees, and how other companies can follow Progyny’s lead in offering compassionate leave policies.

Employee Benefit News

Progyny debuts miscarriage leave for grieving employees

August 12, 2021
Employee Benefit News
A miscarriage is arguably one of the most devastating experiences a person can go through, and the aftermath requires strength, support and understanding from everyone in a person’s life, including their employer. This EBN interview with Progyny’s general counsel Jennifer Bealer goes into detail about Progyny’s new paid pregnancy loss leave policy, which also covers time off for failed adoption or surrogacy arrangements.

Employee Benefit News

Why Americans lack adequate access to fertility treatments

April 22, 2021
For Infertility Awareness Week 2021, Progyny’s CEO David Schlanger spoke with CNN reporter and infertility advocate Chloe Melas about the importance of family building coverage for everyone who needs it.


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