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Women’s healthcare is fragmented. Lack of access, support, and coverage for complex condition areas is leading to increased health risks and associated costs.

1 in 5
women of childbearing age have 2 or more chronic conditions1
1 in 6
struggle with infertility, and many more require family building assistance2
$26 billion is the annual cost of preterm birth in the U.S.3
missed work due to menopause symptoms, 18% for 8 weeks or more4

Expert, specialized support for an evolving landscape

Progyny is integrated with over 50 health plans, providing comprehensive, equitable solutions that provide support for members within self-insured and fully-insured plans.

Fertility & Family Building

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Menopause & Midlife

Our solution is built on the framework of our industry-leading fertility benefit, which has consistently delivered 8 years of superior clinical outcomes. To achieve this, Progyny prioritizes outcomes-based care, which includes: 

  • Specialty provider network of the nation’s top specialists
  • Data-driven care by way of utilization management, proactive member outreach, and client-level reporting with unique visibility on member outcomes
  • Concierge member support from a dedicated Patient Care Advocate for a member’s entire journey, including guidance on clinical best practices, care decisions, and emotional wellness
  • Equitable benefit design that enables coverage and access to evidence-based care and integrated Rx

Increased Cost Savings

Year-over-year, Progyny’s rates have decreased while healthcare costs across the U.S. continue to rise, experiencing rate increases of 5% or more per year


Fewer High-Cost Claims

24% higher single embryo transfer rate and 72% lower IVF multiples rate means fewer high-cost maternity and NICU claims

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Fewer Treatments to Successful Outcomes

17% higher pregnancy rate per IVF transfer and 36% fewer retrievals per live birth means fewer medications and treatments are needed for successful pregnancies

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More Access to Quality Care Delivery

Premier network of fertility and women’s health specialists, providing members access to over 1,000 leading reproductive specialists and 50-state access to menopause specialists, with provider appointments within a week

Why health plans choose to partner with Progyny

Our solution is specifically designed to deliver and manage evidence-based complex care from preconception to menopause and make a meaningful difference in the health of millions – more healthy pregnancies, more healthy babies, and better care across a lifetime.

A Progyny partnership means health plans and their clients have access to:

  • Simplified contracting

  • Implementation and provider billing management

  • Care management integration and referrals within program ecosystems

  • Pre-negotiated case rates

  • NCQA compliant and HITRUST certified

From the Blog

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