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Single Embryo Transfer (SET): Everything You Need to Know

Finding the right fertility treatment can be confusing. We know you’re probably exploring all things fertility to better understand the various treatment options. You have most likely heard of a Single Embryo Transfer (SET) but may have more questions. We sat down with Jennifer Hart, Laboratory Manager and Senior Embryologist at STL Fertility, to take a deep dive into SET and learn why more people continue to pursue this option. Here’s what she had to say: I’m considering SET but have some reservations, can you tell me more about it? Single Embryo Transfer (SET) is a procedure that involves placing one embryo into a patient’s uterus to initiate a pregnancy. It is the final step in an IVF cycle, and one of the many ways that people who endure challenges on the path to parenthood choose to conceive. One of the greatest misconceptions surrounding SET is that it decreases your chances of getting pregnant. People incorrectly assume that transferring more […]

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