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Can I Exercise During Fertility Treatment?

You don’t necessarily need to stop your fitness routine during fertility treatment, but you may consider making some mindful modifications. Shady Grove Fertility physician Dr. Jaimin Shah encourages his patients to keep up with their regular workouts with a few modifications and exceptions if their bodies are feeling up for remaining active throughout fertility treatment. We spoke with Dr. Shah about all things exercise and fertility. What activities can I do during fertility treatment? During fertility treatment, trust your comfort levels for activity and check in with your physician for their recommendations. This might not be the best time to kick off a brand-new workout routine but if you are already comfortable and consistent with activity, you are welcome to keep it up as your body allows. It’s possible there will be some days you aren’t feeling up to being active, and that is okay too. “The best recommendation I have for patients is to listen to their bodies throughout […]

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