Smart Cycle: 101

The Smart Cycle is Progyny’s easy-to-understand benefit currency, which bundles individual services, tests, and treatments together. Members never worry about running out of coverage mid-treatment.

A simpler model

Members embrace the ease of use of the Smart Cycle. Unlike traditional fee-for-service carrier models, Progyny members always know their Smart Cycle balance without having to track dozens of EOBs.

Comprehensive coverage

Every aspect of a member’s comprehensive fertility treatment is contained within the Smart Cycle, including diagnostics, testing, lab services, and treatments.

Personalized care

Trying to make sense of it all? Our dedicated Patient Care Advocates (PCAs) provide support and guidance to members as they navigate their journey.

How It Works

The Smart Cycle is incredibly flexible and allows a provider to customize the most appropriate treatment plan for each member, the first time. Depending on the type of treatment, a member may use an entire Smart Cycle or only a part of it.

Flexibility. Equity. No Compromises.

Progyny bundles individual services, tests, and treatments into its proprietary Smart Cycle to ensure the best possible outcome. The flexibility of our Smart Cycle allows members to mix and match the treatments they need, ensuring equity across the diverse fertility needs of an organization. Progyny achieves an equitable benefit that allows all employees access to care regardless of where they live or which path to parenthood they pursue. Members never worry that they will run out of coverage in the middle of a treatment thus avoiding having to make difficult decisions about their care.

Ways to use the Smart Cycle

IVF Fresh Cycle

Katherine and her husband Tom have had trouble conceiving. Katherine discovers she has diminished ovarian reserve and her doctor recommends IVF.

Katherine has used ¾ Smart Cycle

Katherine chooses an in-network reproductive endocrinologist with the help of her Patient Care Advocate (PCA) and does an initial consultation. This does not affect her Smart Cycle balance.
She undergoes an IVF Fresh cycle. One fertilized embryo is transferred to her uterus and the rest are frozen for later use.

¾ Smart Cycle

Reciprocal IVF Cycle

Jessica and Letitia are a same-sex female couple that would like to expand their family. Both partners would like to be involved in the family building process, so they elect to do reciprocal IVF. Letitia will carry a baby created from Jessica’s egg.

Jessica and Letitia have used 1¼ Smart Cycles

After Speaking with their PCA, Jessica and Letitia do an initial consultation.
The PCA helps them choose a sperm donor and they use their Smart Cycle benefit to purchase vials of donor sperm.

¼ Smart Cycle
Jessica undergoes an IVF Freeze-All cycle. Her ovaries are stimulated, and her eggs are retrieved to be fertilized with donor sperm. The embryos undergo preimplantation genetic testing and are frozen.

¾ Smart Cycle
One frozen embryo is placed into Letitia’s uterus using a frozen embryo transfer.

¼ Smart Cycle


Jonah and his husband Mike want to build their family and decide to use surrogacy. Through the Progyny benefit they have equitable access to the family building benefits they need to create embryos and they also have a surrogacy reimbursement through Jonah’s employer.

Jonah and Mike have used 1½ Smart Cycles

They speak to their PCA who helps them understand the surrogacy process. They use their Smart Cycle to purchase a cohort of 6-8 donor eggs.

1 Smart Cycle
Jonah and Mike use pretransfer embryology services with Mike’s sperm to create embryos. The embryos undergo preimplantation genetic testing and are frozen.

½ Smart Cycle
Their PCA helps match them to a surrogacy agency where they meet Amy, their gestational carrier. One embryo is transferred to Amy. They can use their surrogacy financial assistance program to cover eligible costs.

Egg Freezing Cycle

Nora knows she would like to be a mother but isn’t ready to start her family yet.

Nora has used 1/2 Smart Cycle

Nora’s PCA helps her book an initial consultation. This does not affect her Smart Cycle balance.
Nora undergoes egg freezing and stores her eggs until she is ready to use them.

1/2 Smart Cycle

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