Women, Work, and Family: Fertility Benefits for a Modern Company

curious baby seated on happy mother's lap

Women juggle many responsibilities throughout their lifetime. They are siblings, coworkers, partners, friends, mothers, and healthcare consumers.

According to the 2017 Kaiser Women’s Health Survey, 80% of women identify as the primary healthcare decision maker in their household. They’re comparing insurance plans, choosing providers, scheduling appointments, and following up with treatments for their family members (in addition to making decisions regarding their own health).

Employers are taking note as women demand benefits that support all aspects of their lives. As a response, many companies now offer fertility benefits that support the full spectrum of family building.

Infertility is a disease that impacts 1 in 8 couples. Despite its prevalence, most companies don’t offer comprehensive coverage. This leaves employees to navigate a stressful situation without the necessary emotional and financial support to make the most effective decision.

Karin Ajmani, president at Progyny, knows this dilemma all too well. After going through her own fertility journey, she joined Progyny to help employers change this experience for their employees. “I felt completely unsupported the entire time and realized we needed a better program to address this issue,” she said on our webinar on May 22.

Cerner, a global health care information technology company headquartered in Kansas City, has continually focused on transforming health care and benefits for their employees. In 2016, based on employee feedback and the desire to support growing families, they sought to implement a comprehensive fertility benefit.

According to Arielle Bogorad, Senior Director, Worldwide Benefits, Wellness and Fitness at Cerner, they focused on 3 things:

  • Inclusivity
  • Access to high-quality care
  • A superior member experience

With Progyny, Cerner had the opportunity to provide coverage that combines cutting edge treatment with emotional guidance and support. They not only increased access to care for women but now support their diverse employee population with a benefit that eliminates typical barriers to care. Through the Progyny provider network, Cerner members have access to premier Kansas City providers and those across the United States.

Fertility treatment can be overwhelming, which is why our Patient Care Advocates (PCA) are trained to provide support for all unique paths to parenthood. From scheduling appointments and offering emotional support, PCAs help members make informed decisions and navigate complex care. Our PCAs have elevated Cerner’s member experience with a quality rating of 97.1%.

Cerner’s employees have achieved healthier pregnancies, greater pregnancy success, and rates of multiples far below the national average. They’ve also seen NICU costs decrease, providing value for both the employer and their employees.

Today, women have many different responsibilities that extend past the workplace. By partnering with Progyny to provide fertility and family-building benefits, Cerner has established a holistic program that supports growing families, a superior member experience, and inclusive company culture.

Want to learn more? Watch the full webinar here.