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What does a supported fertility benefit really mean?

From a member’s point of view

It’s no secret that traditional fertility benefits can be difficult to navigate. Conventional carriers focus on dollar limits and often require diagnoses of infertility and less effective treatments first, which can mean you’ve exhausted your benefit before you’ve even used it.

Progyny is different.

We combine cutting edge treatment with emotional guidance and support, to offer a comprehensive, inclusive and effective value-based fertility benefit. Our solution doesn’t focus on cost-based coverage; we offer all-inclusive Smart Cycle plans that mean you can use the most effective treatment the first time, without any worry that you will exhaust coverage mid-treatment. Our plans are specifically designed to improve outcomes and shorten time to pregnancy – for everyone.

The LGBTQ community has long been excluded from fertility benefits. Most plans require a diagnosis of infertility, which usually requires trying to conceive for one year for couples under 35 and six months for couples over 36, effectively barring LGBTQ individuals and couples from using the benefit.

There is an increasing need for family building benefits that are inclusive of all paths to parenthood. 3.8 million LGBTQ millennials are considering expanding their families, 63% of whom are looking to foster care, adoption and assisted reproductive technology. While many companies are committed to supporting their diverse workforces, LGBTQ individuals and couples still face restrictive fertility coverage, even with well-intentioned policies.

Fertility benefits shouldn’t exclude single-parents-by-choice and members of the LGBTQ community, which is why Progyny doesn’t require a diagnosis of infertility or mandate the use of less effective procedures. This means everyone can access the right treatment for them right away.

We know how difficult infertility can be – we were founded by people who experienced it firsthand – so we created a support system to guide you through it. Each member is assigned a dedicated Patient Care Advocate (PCA) to support you through every step of your fertility journey. From coordinating appointments and choosing a provider, to offering educational resources and emotional support, your PCA is here to help. PCAs are trained to offer advice on all unique paths to parenthood, and can guide you through adoption, surrogacy or IVF and other assisted reproductive technology.

We believe everyone is entitled to parenthood. If you are not being supported in your current fertility benefit, the first step is talking to your HR representative. 65% of employers offering fertility treatments began doing so because of employee requests. To learn more about how to start a conversation about refreshing your company’s fertility solution, visit our Talk to HR page.

To see how our benefit is changing lives first hand, check out Lindsey and Chrissy Callahan, employees of Salesforce, who have utilized their Progyny benefit to build the family of their dreams and proceed with a fertility treatment that they never thought they could afford. To hear about their entire journey, listen to their “This Is Infertility” podcast episode.