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Employee Benefits News

People leader at Progyny shares how to continue supporting ERGs

January 31, 2024
Cynthia McEwen, Progyny’s Head of DE&I, emphasizes the role of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in enhancing the organization’s presence.
Employee Benefits News
ABC Chicago

Woman who struggled to get pregnant helps give away $20K to help families with fertility issues

December 6, 2023
Regina Townsend, founder of Broken Brown Egg, speaks about her fertility journey and this year’s AHA Grant in partnership with Progyny, which is given to couples and women of color to help pay for fertility treatments.

ABC Chicago
Psychology Today

Beware of Toxic Positivity

December 4, 2023
Progyny’s Head of Patient Services Development Dr. Georgia Witkin discusses the growing phenomenon of ‘Toxic Positivity’ and shares her mental health tips for women struggling with fertility.

Psychology Today

1 big thing: Progyny to birth new products across fertility, repro health

November 20, 2023
Amid a booming fertility market, Progyny is expanding its reach to touch areas like menopause and male infertility, CEO Pete Anevski tells Axios.

Employee Benefits News

Mental health, ADHD, fertility: Don’t let your employees struggle in silence

November 3, 2023
For employees on a family-planning journey, unexpected complications can be incredibly challenging and isolating to bear on their own. When Cassandra Pratt, now SVP of people at Progyny, was told her most recent embryo transfer had failed, she knew the office was the last place she could be to handle the news.

Employee Benefits News