Eliminating Barriers to Access with an Inclusive and Robust Fertility and Family Building Benefit

arm focused photo of person reviewing a clipboard of documents

Not all fertility and family building benefits are created equal. Many employers offer fertility benefits through traditional carrier plans, but with those plan types, many people run into significant barriers when they are trying to access the benefit.  

Some plan designs might be unintentionally discriminatory towards LGBTQ+ couples or single parents by choice. For example, the language in these plans typically require an official diagnosis of infertility (six months of trying to conceive without success) in order to access coverage for fertility treatment. Or, some plans might have a limit on how much it will be willing to cover, a dollar-maximum limit, which often isn’t enough to cover one round of IVF.  

Infertility advocate and Progyny’s VP of Sales, Amanda Lesesne, further discusses what these barriers look like, and how to better understand the complicated world of family building benefits.  

If you’re an employee that is looking to bring a family building benefit to your organization, reach out to TalktoHR@Progyny.com or fill out the form at www.progyny.com/talktohr. For more tips and advice on how to advocate for a family building benefit at your own company, check out this post.

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