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Being Part of the Care Team From Day One

From a member’s point of view

At Progyny we pride ourselves on putting our members first. That’s why we created a comprehensive family building benefit that provides you with access to the latest technology, strong clinical care, and emotional support you need to build your family.

Progyny Patient Care Advocates (PCAs) do more than just schedule appointments and manage authorizations, they also understand the complexity of trying to conceive and offer emotional support along the way. Checking in with members is not just another task for PCAs; they genuinely care how you are doing and want to support you however they can.

But it’s not just our PCAs that make your experience simpler. Our Smart Cycles mean you never have to worry about exhausting coverage midway through treatment. Everything needed for your treatment—from diagnostic testing to anesthesia to genetic testing—is bundled in, which means you have one less thing to worry about.

We are thankful to our employer partners that recognize the importance of family building. We are proud to partner with them to bring a life changing benefit to their employees—who in turn are proud to be a part of companies that genuinely care.

Hear from two of our members who are using Progyny to build to their family. Emily Rich and Ian Schwartz explain how supported they felt during their journey, and how it made them realize how much their employer values them. You can also listen to their full journey on our podcast, This is Infertility.

We want to ensure that anyone can have a child when they want. Find out if your employer offers Progyny by reaching out to us at or check out our Talk to HR page to learn more about approaching your employer about introducing fertility benefits.