National Infertility Awareness Week 2021

happy member looking at her laptop

For those dealing with infertility or struggling to build their family, one week of dedicated awareness might come nowhere close to covering the rollercoaster many couples and individuals have been experiencing for months, if not years. However, taking one week to dedicate to National Infertility Awareness is a celebration of infertility and the strength of those in that process.  

This year, National Infertility Awareness Week is from April 18th to 24th, and we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the resources members have found most helpful during their journey. Our vision is for anyone who wants to have a child to be able to do so. Family building looks different for everyone, and with this in mind, we’ve compiled our resources for all potential pathways.  

These are only a smattering of our resources, and if you have more specific interests, check out the rest of our resources at 

Fertility and family building in the workplace: 

Emotional and mental health support: 

Getting started with a fertility and family building journey: 

Progyny experience:  

Fertility and Family Building in the LGBTQ Community

This Is Infertility Podcast – all episodes can be found here 

NIAW 2020: A five-part series covering stories of change – change for previous podcast interviewees, their lives, and their priorities when it comes to life and family building.  

General Infertility Advocacy 

Stories to Inspire Hope: