Break the Silence on Fertility


At Progyny, we are proud to take the pledge to #SaytheFword because talking about your reproductive health is taking control of your future.

They say there is power in numbers and it’s therapeutic to talk to your loved ones, but for some reason we don’t remember this when it comes to our reproductive health. Fertility is the topic most women and men don’t discuss until there’s an issue. In fact, according to Celmatix’s recent study, 39 percent of women don’t talk to their partners about it and 75 percent of women who are interested in fertility treatments or have gone through them, haven’t spoken to their friends about it.

This year, we are partnering with Celmatix to break the silence and stigma around fertility. It’s a topic we should speak openly about because no one should have to suffer in silence or alone. The more knowledge we can pass around, the more individuals can be proactive about their fertility, understand their options and know there’s support if it’s needed.

Here are a few reasons why we’re taking the pledge:

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