6 Tips for Better Mental Health During COVID-19

woman on porch with blanket wrapped around her

Infertility is a stressful experience and at Progyny we understand the emotional toll infertility can take. As COVID-19 has progressed and turned everyone’s lives upside down, it’s clear that some of the coping strategies for dealing with infertility are relevant now for everyone. It’s easy to feel hopeless when there is so little we can control. But it’s important during times of stress to focus on what we can control—our behaviors and thoughts.

That’s why we created a toolkit for better mental health during COVID-19.

Dr. Georgia Witkin, Head of Patient Services Development for Progyny, and Amanda Lesesne, Vice President of Sales at Progyny and infertility advocate, teamed up to share ways to make the new normal feel a little more manageable.

While we can’t know how long COVID-19 will last or the extent to which it will change our lives, we can take steps to improve how we cope. It’s normal to feel anxious and uncertain under the circumstances, but these six tips can help you develop strategies to adjust to the new normal.

Check out our six tips here.