This is Infertility

Fertility 101: Preparing for Your First Fertility Clinic Appointment

"This isn’t a one size fits all treatment plan. Everybody is a little bit different."
Dr. Michael Drews from RMA of New Jersey, Dr. Jennifer Brown from Northeastern Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Linnea Goodman from Virginia Fertility and IVF, Dr. Thomas Molinaro, from RMA of New Jersey, Dr. Kathleen Hong from RMA of New Jersey
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Season 5 Year End Recap

The power of choice is so important when building your family, which has been an apparent theme throughout this season of This is Infertility.
Justin Smith, Delaine Williams, Caitlin Day, Chrissy Hogie
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Expert Interview Series

Not to Be Brief: Protecting Male Fertility

Join Dr. Georgia Witkin, Head of Patient Services Development at Progyny, Director of Psychological Services at RMA of New York, Assistant Professor of OB-GYN and Reproductive Medicine at Mt. Sinai, as she explores the causes, treatments, and preventions of male factor infertility