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Progyny’s unique approach to fertility and family building for all members consistently delivers healthier pregnancies and babies, more supported, happier employees, and cost-savings for employers. Don’t take our word for it – watch our videos below.

Provider Network Reference: Ivy Fertility, San Diego

Ivy Fertility has helped more same-sex couples become families than any other clinic in America. They have 11 clinics across 8 states, and 39 doctors with nearly half identifying as BIPOC. Hear from their Chief Growth Officer on the joy of working with Progyny.

“Progyny only works with clinics and providers across the country who have demonstrated outstanding clinical outcomes and exceptional patient care… Progyny is the best choice, the gold standard among fertility benefits managers.”

Constance Rapson, Ivy Fertility, San Diego

Member Testimonials

Progyny offers dedicated, culturally competent support for every member’s diverse needs. Members are assigned to one dedicated Patient Care Advocate who supports them on the entire journey.

“At no point through the process was I ever confused because I felt like I had somebody that was there for me, answering my questions, quickly I might add, and was just super supportive.”

Lindsey, Progyny member

“I actually switched employers specifically for Progyny benefits.”

Tara Stark, Teacher, Nashville Metro Schools

Smart Cycle

We deliver each treatment as an all-inclusive bundle of care and we assign a cost to each bundle based on our easy-to-understand benefit currency, the Smart Cycle. Employers simply choose the number of smart cycles they want to offer, and members use them to buy treatment bundles they need.

“With a dollar-cap, members have to keep track of dozens of individual services within their treatment, and are forced to pick and choose based on cost rather than treatment efficacy. But with Progyny, everything a fertility doctor might recommend is included in the treatment bundle.”