What is a Smart Cycle?

The Smart Cycle is Progyny’s unique benefit currency. All of the individual services, tests and medications needed for a particular type of treatment are bundled together and assigned a Smart Cycle value. Progyny members can work with their doctor to choose the most effective treatment for them without worrying about running out of coverage mid-treatment.

illustration of needle piercing egg during IVF

Comprehensive Coverage

Every aspect of a member’s comprehensive fertility treatment is contained within the Smart Cycle, including diagnostics, testing, lab services, treatment and medications.
artwork of patient and doctor reviewing sonogram

Simple and Easy to Use

Each treatment or service is valued as a fraction, or portion of a Smart Cycle, so it is easy for members to understand their benefit balance. Smart Cycles are inclusive and support all paths to parenthood equitably.

The Value of the Progyny Smart Cycle

Ways to Use the Progyny Smart Cycle

Progyny Smart Cycles are flexible and can be mixed and matched, allowing members and their medical providers to create customized treatment plans. These are just some of the many ways that a member can use the Smart Cycle:

IVF Fresh Cycle

Katherine and her husband Tom have had trouble conceiving. Katherine discovers she has diminished ovarian reserve and decides to pursue IVF.

Katherine chooses an in-network reproductive endocrinologist with the help of her Patient Care Advocate and does an initial consultation.

She then undergoes an IVF Fresh cycle. One fertilized embryo is transferred to her uterus and the rest are tested and frozen for later use. This uses 3/4 of a Smart Cycle.

IVF Fresh Cycle - 3/4 of a Smart Cycle

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

Marcy has been trying to have a baby for a year and decides to see a doctor.

Marcy contacts Progyny and her Patient Care Advocate helps her find an in-network reproductive endocrinologist. She receives a diagnosis of unexplained fertility.

She then undergoes IUI, where her spouse’s sperm is inserted directly into her uterus. This uses 1/4 of a Smart Cycle.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) - 1/4 of a Smart cycle

Egg Freezing

Nora knows she would like to be a parent but isn’t ready to start her family yet. Her gynecologist suggests that she complete a consultation with a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist.

Nora first calls Progyny to activate the benefit and her Patient Care Advocate helps her find a provider and schedule an initial consultation.

Nora undergoes egg freezing and stores her eggs until she is ready to use them. This uses 1/2 of a Smart Cycle.

Egg Freezing - 1/2 of a Smart Cycle

The Smart Cycle is inclusive for every path to parenthood

Reciprocal IVF Cycle

Jessica and Letitia are a same-sex female couple that would like to expand their family. Both partners would like to be involved in the family building process, so they elect to do reciprocal IVF. Letitia will carry a baby created from Jessica’s egg.

In this example, Jessica and Letitia will purchase sperm (1/4 Smart Cycle), complete an IVF Frozen cycle to retrieve and fertilize Jessica’s eggs (3/4 Smart Cycle) and transfer to Letitia (1/4 Smart Cycle). In total, their treatment path utilizes 1 1/4 Smart Cycles.


Jonah and his husband Mike want to build their family and have decided to use a gestational carrier. They purchase a cohort of donor eggs (1 Smart Cycle) and create embryos with Mike’s sperm (1/2) Smart Cycle. Because their employer also offers a surrogacy reimbursement, they can use those benefit dollars to cover eligible costs for their surrogate.