Reinforcing Your Company Values

Building a strong corporate culture is essential to the success of your company. It plays a significant role in attracting and retaining talent. Comprehensive fertility benefits — accessible to all —send an important message of inclusivity and support to a diverse workforce longing to start a family. It reinforces your company values and elevates family-building as a priority. Whether you already offer fertility benefits or are looking to add or expand them, our easy-to-implement solution helps your company get the most value from its benefit dollar.

% of Employees Willing to Change Jobs to Ensure Fertility Coverage

RMANJ Infertility in America 2015 Survey End Report

The Cost of Inadequate Fertility Coverage

Wasted time seeking ineffective treatments as well as overwhelming financial and emotional stress lead to absenteeism and productivity loss — which adversely affects the health of your entire organization. What’s more, inadequate fertility coverage leads to poor treatment decisions. The result? Multiple births, including high-risk prenatal care, NICU stays, and other chronic health complications. Employers unknowingly bear the cost for these complications — whether they offer fertility benefits or not. The Progyny all-inclusive benefit plan focuses on a faster path to pregnancy by incenting the best clinical practices which result in a healthy singleton birth.

Healthcare expenses for multiple and singleton pregnancies*

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Employee Health & Well-being

Your employees are struggling with fertility challenges more than you may realize. Treatments are emotionally and physically exhausting. Many employees abandon their dreams of becoming parents because the financial, emotional and physical toll is just too high. The Progyny approach delivers comprehensive fertility solutions that make your employees’ dreams achievable. Our Patient Care Advocates provide critical emotional support and clinical guidance which are essential to success.

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Losing Productivity

The true costs of employees with fertility challenges show up across your organization. Conventional benefits and unmanaged fertility treatments often lead to high twinning rates — which means longer hospital stays, extended maternity leaves, decreased productivity and company disruption. Progyny pioneers a fertility benefit solution that reduces twinning rates far below the national average, delivering healthier pregnancies and heathier babies.

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