Progyny and You

The challenges to fertility continue to grow more complex, and individuals beginning fertility treatments face an unsettling array of medical options. Most conventional fertility benefits offer limiting cost-based coverage and mandate the use of less effective procedures, which not only delays your journey to parenthood, but sometimes prevents it completely. The Progyny solution focuses on outcomes rather than cost and doesn’t have any hurdles to treatment. That means anyone is eligible for the most effective treatments right from the start. Our smarter approach allows patients and their doctors to determine the best course of treatment for each individual and eliminates unnecessary barriers for building a family.


Financial concerns should not get in the way of having a child. Our Smart Cycle benefit plan connects you to leading specialists and allows them to provide the most advanced, effective treatment, the first time — so you can forego unnecessary procedures and obtain the best chance of achieving a successful pregnancy in the shortest amount of time. Smart Cycle covers all of your office visits, tests and treatments. Which means you don’t have to worry about exhausting your coverage midway through your course of care.

Building Your Smart Cycle Plan

No two people facing fertility challenges are the same. That’s why our Smart Cycle design allows you to choose a treatment that best suits your needs. Our benefit plan covers a wide variety of options — all of which have been proven to help individuals just like you begin building families.

Why Progyny is Right for You

Our mission is to make any member’s dream of parenthood come true through a healthy, timely, and supported fertility and family building journey. We designed our benefit plan so that you don’t have to face any hurdles to treatment. Instead, you can begin pursuing your effective, customized path to fertility on your terms.