Supporting Children’s Hospitals in Recruitment, Retention and Healthcare Savings

pediatrician at children's hospital with child patient

One out of every six people struggle with infertility, according to the World Health Organization, and it turns out healthcare pros are suffering from infertility at an even higher rate, with data showing one out of every four female physicians require infertility assistance.

It takes more than a competitive salary to keep top healthcare talent at your hospital

This reality means top healthcare talent are factoring in more than just a competitive salary when making decisions about whether to stay at one facility versus moving to another – or when making decisions about staying in the healthcare industry at all. Recruitment and retention have consistently been a challenge for the industry, with a national healthcare retention report highlighting a nearly 18% nationwide hospital turnover rate between 2015 and 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated the challenge, with the healthcare industry suffering a net loss of 460,000 workers between February 2020 and November 2021.

Recruitment and retention challenges in the healthcare industry mean a loss of critical talent within communities, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses for healthcare facilities across the country.

Healthcare workers expect innovative tools to extend to their benefits packages too

The healthcare industry thrives off being on the cutting-edge, and with 85% of large organizations reporting their plans to expand support of fertility and reproductive health by 2024, it’s an important time for healthcare organizations to think innovatively about their fertility and family building benefits.

Progyny’s fertility and family building solution is the market leader in providing organizations with equitable, comprehensive benefits. Our first-of-its-kind benefit design, large, actively-managed network of providers and clinics, and high-touch member support through a dedicated Patient Care Advocate (PCA) team empowers a supported fertility and family building journey, rooted in evidence-based care. This model has proven to consistently support superior outcomes, delivering healthier pregnancies and babies, all while saving employers’ healthcare dollars.

Progyny’s proven clinical outcomes are one of the core reasons Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) selected Progyny to be a fertility and family building benefits vendor partner. Because of this relationship, Progyny has been able to provide CHA member hospitals with a competitive advantage when recruiting and retaining top healthcare talent – an equitable, comprehensive fertility and family building solution that supports healthcare workers in their family building journeys, while keeping high-risk maternity and NICU costs down.

Reaching your recruitment, retention and healthcare savings goals. Who says you can’t have it all?

In addition to becoming a more attractive place to work for healthcare workers, CHA member hospitals leveraging the Progyny fertility benefit see annual cost-savings due to their employees needing fewer treatments and medications to achieve healthy pregnancies, and a reduction in high-risk maternity and NICU expenses. 

Beyond cost savings, Progyny’s children’s hospital clients have expressed satisfaction and delight with the high touch, tailored member experiences their employees receive during a complex time of life. One employee of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia shared that they felt “heard and cared for” as they embarked on their first-time fertility journey. One employee of Nemour’s Children’s Health System said their PCA “made an anxiety-filled time less stressful,” while another shared their PCA “did an amazing job explaining the process.” 

The CHA and Progyny relationship provides children’s hospitals across the country with the opportunity to provide their employees with an equitable, comprehensive benefit that leaves members feeling supported throughout their family building journeys, while keeping high-risk maternity and NICU costs down. Hospitals and hospital systems across the country who have opted to leverage the benefit have a competitive edge when it comes to recruiting, retaining and engaging top healthcare talent.  

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