This is Infertility is a bi-weekly podcast where we fuse narrative storytelling with experience and science to give you a new perspective on what it’s really like to go through a family building journey. Each episode dives into the emotional, physical, and financial burdens carried by those who experience infertility on their path to parenthood. Be it IVF, IUI, egg freezing, surrogacy, adoption, etc., the path is never the same and it can be long, painful, and lonely. It’s our mission to give those struggling a platform to be heard, a community connection, and an opportunity to raise awareness of the 1 in 8 who, for many reasons, struggle with infertility.
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This is Infertility

Episode 133: Fertility 101: Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine

The Fertility 101 Series, because there’s no shortage of daunting terms to keep your mind running, is a quick and dirty breakdown on a specific topic with insights from a fertility expert.

In today’s episode, we explain holistic approaches that can often be additive when trying to conceive or struggling with infertility. Acupuncture, bodywork, and Eastern Medicine are used to treat stress, target inflammation, and promote energy flow, healing many ailments and potentially aiding in a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Daryl Thuroff from New York’s Yinova Center breaks down Eastern Medicine and fertility to how it works, what you can expect, and how it can integrate with treatment recommended by a fertility specialist.

Guest: Daryl Thuroff, DACM, LAc, LMT, Yinova Center
Host: Shannon Zuber

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Here are some highlights from this episode:

Reproductive Health and Bodywork

5:13 – 7:49

Shannon Zuber: That brings us to reproductive health. Say a person on a fertility journey comes to a facility like the Yinova Center for treatment. Not unlike the first consultation with a fertility doctor, this first session will be focused on coming up with a plan of action.

Daryl Thuroff: Looking specifically at reproductive health clients or those who are trying for fertility or coming to see us for fertility, if they are also already seeing a reproductive endocrinologist, they will have a lot of labs. And when they come to us for an initial consultation, it’s sort of similar. We do our own assessments and ask them to bring any of their paperwork, so we can get a better picture of their reproductive health and what has been going on. And part of training for acupuncture is also learning about Western medical pathophysiology. So, we have a good grasp of that. And then we can take what we see from that picture, incorporate it, and translate it to Eastern or East Asian medicine. Then, we can come up with a nice concise treatment plan for them. At certain points during the treatment plan, we reevaluate to track our progress and then potentially reframe the work that we’re doing.

The Importance of Support and Focusing on the Goal

16:04 – 19:00

Shannon Zuber: Well at Progyny we say it all the time. You are not alone. There is so much support out there, and sometimes you just need to know where to look. If you have the Progyny benefit offered to you by your employer, then the answers easy – Progyny is here for support. But even if you don’t, it’s important to know that you have options. Support groups, friends, and family, and yes, holistic medicine from places like Yinova.

Daryl Thuroff: The first thing I want patients to know is that we are here to support, however that support looks like for them. We create a plan and become their team, regardless of where they are in their journey. We are here to help facilitate and reach your goal. I would also say that every fertility journey is different, and that patients should invest in support groups – be they with our community or with personal friends or family. You can feel very alone on a fertility journey. Lastly, I’ll say that it’s okay to listen to your body, and not forget to keep considering the goal. I always remind my clients to use all the tools in your toolbox when you’re trying to become a parent – there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, that’s the best and more loving way to realize your goal.

Shannon Zuber


Shannon Zuber
Communications and Marketing Associate at Progyny

As a Communications and Marketing Associate, Shannon works with Progyny’s Provider network, supports communications strategy, and helps to bring this podcast to life at Progyny! Having studied Journalism and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies while at Penn State University, Shannon now fuses her passions to highlight the intersection of women’s health and storytelling. In her previous role, Shannon worked as a publicist for clients across spaces including health, fintech, real estate, and others. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Dr. Daryl Thuroff


Daryl Thuroff
DACM, LAc, LMT, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Massage Therapist & Bodywork Program Manager at Yinova Center

Dr. Daryl Nicole Thuroff has spent almost two decades honing her skills as a health care facilitator and educator. She has a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, and is nationally certified as a Diplomat of Chinese Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Daryl’s goal is to facilitate healing based on individualized treatment for physical conditions along with emotional stressors. Treatments often include acupuncture, massage therapy and herbal medicine combinations to ensure optimal results. The focus of her work has evolved into the emotional origins of pain, stress management, women’s health, fertility, and pediatrics.

Her massage work has grown into a patient-based blend of Eastern and Western modalities making her sessions the perfect accompaniment to any acupuncture appointment. She regularly incorporates Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point and Myofacial Release work. For Daryl, reducing everyday stress is a high priority and an important precursor to addressing additional musculoskeletal and emotional imbalance in the body. With attention to breathing and relaxation techniques, Daryl works to ensure that you are an integral part of your own healing process.

Daryl developed Yinova’s Reproductive Health Bodywork Program, alongside Yinova founder Jill Blakeway. This comprehensive approach to bodywork was designed to help our patients build a good reproductive foundation which can improve fertility and treat conditions such as irregular cycles, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, PCOS, endometriosis and more. Daryl has additional certifications in Pre/Postnatal massage.

In her spare time, Daryl enjoys practicing Taekwondo, reading tarot cards and frequenting the beach with her rescue dog, Jake.

Music From This Episode:

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