This is Infertility is a bi-weekly podcast where we fuse narrative storytelling with experience and science to give you a new perspective on what it’s really like to go through a family building journey. Each episode dives into the emotional, physical, and financial burdens carried by those who experience infertility on their path to parenthood. Be it IVF, IUI, egg freezing, surrogacy, adoption, etc., the path is never the same and it can be long, painful, and lonely. It’s our mission to give those struggling a platform to be heard, a community connection, and an opportunity to raise awareness of the 1 in 8 who, for many reasons, struggle with infertility.
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This is Infertility

Bonus Episode 2: COVID-19 – Your Fertility and Well-being

In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has infiltrated all aspects of life from our ability to see friends and loved ones, to our planned medical procedures and treatments. With American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) pausing fertility treatments, patients are left wondering what they should do next.  

In today’s bonus episode, we’re airing a panel discussion, curated by Progyny, on fertility and wellbeing during this time. We’ll hear from our fertility specialists, Dr. Janet Choi of CCRM NY, and Dr. Lorna Marshall of Pacific NW Fertility, and Michele Carroll a clinical social worker and Provider Account Manager at Progyny. They’ll dive into ASRM’s guidelines for COVID-19, how you can take care of your mental health during this pause and what you can do now to help optimize your fertility. 

Host: Lissa Kline, VP, Member and Provider Services at Progyny 

Experts: Dr. Janet Choi, Medical Director at CCRM NY, Dr. Lorna Marshall, Pacific NW Fertility, and Michele Carroll, LCSW, Clinical Social Worker and Provider Account Manager at Progyny 

For additional resources during this time visit Progyny’s COVID-19 Resources and to listen to other family building stories visit Progyny’s Podcast page. 

If you would like to share your story or how you’re finding purpose in the pause, please reach out to us at 

Lissa Kline


Lissa Kline
LCSW, VP of Member and Provider Services at Progyny

Lissa oversees the Patient Care Advocates and the Provider Relations Team. She worked at Columbia University Medical Center for several years in the division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Involved in Patient Services and the Donor Egg Program, she loved working with patients while they underwent fertility treatment. Lissa graduated with a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University. 

Janet Choi, MD


Dr. Janet Choi
Medical Director at CCRM NY

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University with an A.B. in English literature, Dr. Choi earned her medical degree from Columbia University. She remained at Columbia for her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Subsequently, she completed her sub-specialty fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York.  

Prior to joining CCRM New York, Dr. Choi was an assistant clinical professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center and served as the Director of Onco-fertility and Co-Director of the Fertility Preservation Program. 

Lorna Marshall, MD


Dr. Lorna Marshall
Medical Director of Pacific NW Fertility

Dr. Marshall is board certified in both Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility.  

Dr. Marshall is a leader in the field of fertility and gynecology locally, regionally, and nationally. She is currently serving as Medical Director of Pacific NW Fertility and as Clinical Professor in Obstetrics & Gynecology at University of Washington Medical School. She is a past President of Seattle Gynecological Society, Pacific Coast Reproductive Society, and the Women’s Council of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). She is on the board of Pacific Coast Ob/Gyn Society, where she is the chair of the Seattle Caucus.  

She is currently the Medical Director at Pacific NW Fertility and is on the Progyny Medical Advisory Board.  



Michele Carroll
LCSW, Clinical Social Worker and Provider Account Manager at Progyny

Michele is a psychotherapist that specializes in working with people going through life transitions. Through her private practice, she has worked with individuals and couples going through fertility treatments (egg freezing, IUI, IVF, third party reproduction) in the NYC area. She is also a Provider Account Manager at Progyny, where she curates and manages high quality fertility providers in Progyny’s Provider Network to ensure Progyny members have access to the best fertility specialists.  

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