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What is PGT-A and eSET?

Beginning a fertility journey sometimes feels like moving to a new country where a totally different language is spoken, and this particular language is a bit like alphabet soup. It is hard to keep all of the letters and words straight.

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Expert Interview Series

Infertility in the Black Community: Understanding the Health Conditions and Finding the Right Doctor

Progyny hosted a webinar about understanding the health conditions that increase infertility in the Black community and finding the right doctor. We expanded the dialogue we started with our Fertility and Maternal Health in the Black Community webinar by pulling together experts to discuss the health conditions specific to the Black community and insights for finding a physician you connect with.

Building Your Family in 2021

For a lot of people, a new year can mean new benefits. That’s why we highlighted what it’s like for those just starting their family building journey with Progyny. We touched on how the Progyny benefit works, what’s included, the logistics, and what happens during an initial consultation.