Pregnancy and Postpartum

We want to make sure you have the support and guidance you need for a healthy pregnancy and beyond. Browse the resources below to learn more about what to expect at each stage.

You may have access to pregnancy and postpartum support through the Progyny benefit. Call 888.597.5065 to learn more. 


Spotting During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant and notice spotting, it can be concerning. While it is not always cause for alarm, it’s important to understand what can cause it and what it may mean.

Second Trimester Prenatal Testing

Throughout your pregnancy, you can expect routine prenatal checkups to monitor you and your baby’s health. It is important for understanding possible genetic disorders.

This is Infertility

The Role of Doulas

A doula is a non-clinical care support that provides emotional support, physical support, education, partner support, advocacy tools, and really helps you to navigate this most powerful and yet vulnerable time in your life.
Latham Thomas
Mama Glow