Infertility in the Black Community: Understanding the Health Conditions and Finding the Right Doctor

Black woman discussing fertility with her medical provider

February is Black History Month, and in its honor, Progyny hosted a webinar about understanding the health conditions that increase infertility in the Black community and finding the right doctor. We expanded the dialogue we started with our Fertility and Maternal Health in the Black Community webinar by pulling together experts to discuss the health conditions specific to the Black community and insights for finding a physician you connect with.

While infertility impacts 1 in 8, Black Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) women experience infertility at even higher rates than their White counterparts, even when taking into account socioeconomics or risk factors such as uterine fibroids. Despite these higher rates of infertility, Black women are less likely to access treatment and if they do, may wait twice as long before seeking help.

Myths Busted

Health Challenges + Infertility + Mental Health 

Finding the Right Doctor and Advocating for Yourself