Getting to Know our Medical Advisory Board: Dr. Jonathan Kort

Jonathan Kort, MD

What attracted you to reproductive endocrinology?

My dad was a reproductive endocrinologist so I had the unusual experience of growing  up meeting a lot of his former patients (and their children) around town and learning how he helped his patients have a family which taught me about the great impact providers in this field can have on their patients’ lives.  Also the field has changed so much in a relatively short period of time, we are always learning more and making new innovations that help our patients. 

What is your favorite part about being a reproductive endocrinologist?

Seeing our patients have a successful outcome.  Their success makes all the hard work they went through to get there worth it. The outcomes are also very tangible and we learn whether treatments were successful in a relatively short time compared to other fields in medicine.

Why do you believe coverage, like Progyny is important?  

Many patients just need the chance!  Progyny improves our patients’ access to the most cutting edge technologies in a timely matter, without the added stress or delays of back-and-forth we often encounter with other insurance companies.

What is one word to describe the impact you have made on a patient’s life?


What new research is under way that you are excited about?

We are really only at the tip of the iceberg in our ability to predict embryo viability and our understanding of early embryo genetics.  As these technologies advance we will have even greater confidence in the embryos we transfer and also help us understand why occasionally some transfers are not successful when everything seems to be going well.