Backed by science and data, powered by passion

We believe everyone should be able to pursue their dream of having a family. At Progyny, our data-driven model is at the heart of everything we do, laying the groundwork for superior clinical outcomes, cost savings, and exceptional member experiences.


Superior Outcomes

Progyny’s outcomes consistently exceed national averages across every significant measure of treatment success.


Uncompromised Care

Benefits are flexible, equitable, and efficient, allowing all members to receive the treatment they need.


Concierge Support

Dedicated Progyny Patient Care Advocates (PCAs) provide support, education and guidance for members throughout their journey.


The Smart Cycle

Progyny’s proprietary Smart Cycle allows members to customize their treatment without having to worry about running out of coverage mid-treatment.


Top-rated physician network

Our curated network includes more than 900 fertility specialists from 650 of the most sought-after fertility clinics across the United States.


Redefine your fertility and family building coverage

Progyny’s superior clinical outcomes help employers save money by reducing treatment costs and normalizing spend. We’ve already become a trusted partner for more than 265 companies across 30 industries and we look forward to partnering with you too.

No two journeys are exactly alike

There are many paths to parenthood. At Progyny we value equity and inclusion, and built our solution to support everyone, including those who are single parents by choice or part of the LGBTQ+ community. The Progyny benefit covers fertility treatments and provides support for adoption and surrogacy.


The Paces – Member Story

The Paces are a same-sex couple, and after ten failed rounds of IUI, they felt like they were out of options. With the Progyny Smart Cycle they were able to have their embryos PGT tested with 6 normal embryos ready for implantation.


Angela Vega – Member Story


Emily and Ian – Member Story

What our clients are saying

“A lifetime max does not cover what a member or couple needs to get them where they need to be. Moving to the [Progyny benefit] and bundling everything in a nice package, creating that nice experience — employees were thrilled.”
Progyny Client
“This is such an important benefit to help people through a really taxing time. It is a chance for companies to show that they care about the wellness of their employees, both physical and mental.”
Progyny Client
Staffing Services
“We continue to herald Progyny as our game-changer – the offering that sets us apart from our competitors and our peers.”
Progyny Client
“In today’s competitive job market, not having a solution that supports employees with the right resources, you run the risk of losing employees.”
Benefits Consultant
“Not only am I able to vouch for Progyny from a plan sponsor perspective, but I also experienced Progyny as a patient….what we found is that if you pivot to an emphasis on experience and quality, you will see improved outcomes and reduced costs over time. As a patient, it’s pretty awesome.”
Progyny Client
Healthcare Industry

Get started

Whether you’re an employer looking to add Progyny’s fertility and family building coverage to your benefits package, or you’re an employee who would like to encourage your employer to offer our benefit, we can help.


Build a better benefits package with Progyny

Progyny fits seamlessly into your company’s existing benefit ecosystem, providing comprehensive coverage for fertility and family building services like IUI, IVF, fertility preservation, adoption, surrogacy, and more.


Encourage your company to explore Progyny

Many employers don’t realize how many of their employees need a fertility and family building benefit. Asking for what you need may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We’d love to help you start a compelling conversation with your HR department.

Explore Progyny’s Resource Hub

Looking for information on IVF, IUI, egg freezing, adoption or surrogacy? Our curated content library is filled with an abundance of information written by Progyny providers and other experts.


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