Smart Benefits, Superior Outcomes

Progyny offers a comprehensive benefit that redefines the way companies, physicians, and employees work together to deliver superior fertility and family building outcomes.


Comprehensive coverage

The Progyny Smart Cycle ensures members can customize their treatment journey, without having to worry about running out of coverage mid-treatment.


Personalized member support

Members are paired with dedicated Patient Care Advocates (PCAs) who provide one-to-one support, education, and guidance throughout their journey.


Network of fertility specialists

Progyny’s network of fertility specialists meet rigorous inclusion standards ensuring the highest level of specialized care.


Proven track record

Since 2016, Progyny has consistently outperformed national averages across all measures of fertility success, including higher pregnancy rates, lower miscarriage rates, higher live birth rates, and a lower incidence of multiple births.


A new standard for comprehensive fertility benefits

Traditional fertility coverage gives employees a finite amount of coverage, often causing them to forego best practices because they’re worried about cost. Progyny provides comprehensive, equitable, and flexible coverage for all paths to parenthood.

Start your journey

Progyny is proof that a fertility and family building benefit doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re an employer seeking to add fertility benefits or an employee who wishes to request Progyny coverage, we can help.

For Employers


Begin the conversation

Talk to us about customizing a fertility and family building benefit that meets your employees’ needs.

Employer resources

Looking to get buy-in from key stakeholders at your company by building a compelling case? We’ve got you covered.

For Employees


Talk to your employer

Approaching your HR department can be intimidating — but it doesn’t have to be. We are here to help you get the benefit you need to build the family of your dreams.

Your family building journey

Learn more about the many paths to parenthood from leading experts. Check out our library of blog posts, podcast episodes, YouTube videos, and more!

Looking for information on IVF, IUI, egg freezing, adoption, or surrogacy? Our curated content library is filled with an abundance of information from Progyny providers and other experts.

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