Smarter Benefits, Superior Outcomes

Give every employee the equal opportunity to grow their family. Our evidence-based solution is proven to help members have better outcomes, bringing your team healthier pregnancies and more healthy babies.

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Equitable access to comprehensive care

Most health plans set a spending limit for care – perpetuating inequities in an already difficult process. Progyny’s benefit design ensures members can customize their treatment journey, make evidence-based care decisions, and have equitable access to the tools needed to achieve their goal of growing their family.

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A more supportive family building experience

No family building story looks the same, and your employees deserve personalized support, no matter their family building needs. Progyny is the only solution to pair each member with a clinically integrated, dedicated Patient Care Advocate (PCA) who provides one-to-one support, education, and guidance throughout their journey.

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The largest network of top providers

Our network of top-tier providers is actively monitored to ensure members experience the highest quality care available in the industry. Consisting of more than 1,000 specialists from 650 of the most sought-after fertility clinics nationwide – our providers meet each member, and their needs – exactly where they are.

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Fertility outcomes you and your members can trust

Since 2016, the Progyny Provider Network has consistently outperformed national averages across all measures of fertility success – meaning with Progyny coverage, employers are able to help more people achieve their dreams of growing their family. The first fertility solution to publish its clinical outcomes with an independent validation of its methodology, you can trust in the Progyny promise to help you reach your benefit goals. Learn more about Progyny’s superior outcomes.

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Partnering with leading employers in over 45+ industries

We’re proud to partner with over 460 companies to help them deliver a best-in-class benefit that delivers on its promise – an equitable, inclusive, and comprehensive benefit that helps everyone grow their family. Progyny has helped clients alleviate high claims costs, meet DEI goals, and attract and retain top talent. Read more about the impact Progyny has made for our clients.

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Progyny is proof that a fertility and family building benefit can support your company goals, and your employee’s dreams.

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