Journey to Fatherhood: Finding Support in the Journey


Progyny is launching a three-part webinar series to focus on men and infertility. For our first webinar, we explored the emotional impact of infertility on men. Infertility is often mischaracterized as a female issue, but it affects men too. And because of the stigma around it, men are often left to suffer in silence. We thought it was time to open the conversation about men and infertility. In the webinar, we discussed how to ask for support, talk about the journey, and recover from a loss.


  • Will Rivera II, Co-founder, Fertility in Colour for Men
  • Denny Ceizyk, Author of Almost a Father
  • Arthur J. McGrath, LCSW, CST, BCN, MPA, Psychotherapist
  • Dan Bulger, Producer and Host of This is Infertility podcast

Intro to the World of Infertility and Insurance

Finding Emotional Support

Takeaway Tools to Use