MassMutual Expanding View of ‘Family’ Includes New Fertility Benefits

MassMutual overhauled their benefits program to increase family building options, including partnering with Progyny to provide fertility benefits.

MassMutual, a life insurance company headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts, that employs over 7,000 people, expanded their program to include extended parental leave, new access to mental health treatments, transgender-inclusive health procedures and Progyny’s fertility and family building benefits.

They now offer IVF, egg freezing and other fertility treatments through Progyny – without any barriers to treatment. The benefit doesn’t require a diagnosis of infertility or mandate the use of less effective treatments, providing access to care for a diverse workforce including LGBTQ individuals and single-parents-by-choice.

“Our enhanced benefits were designed to help our employees and their loved ones, however they may define them, live their best lives – and feel cared for in all phases of their lives – enabling them to achieve their full potential,” Claudia Copelin, the head of health and wellness at MassMutual, is quoted as saying.

MassMutual recognized an unmet need and introduced fertility benefits at the request of employees. The article notes that, “after hearing from many of the often-prohibitive cost of fertility treatments, MassMutual officials added new family planning benefits to company policies.”

The article also quotes a 2017 CNBC interview with Progyny CEO, David Schlanger. “Our business model is dependent upon providing value to employers. And cost is only one element of value. The other, more important element is the outcome. We are much more focused on the experience our providers provide to our patients and the outcomes they create.”

Progyny is proud to partner with MassMutual to offer best-in-class fertility benefits and support all MassMutual employees with their family building journeys.

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