National Rainbow Baby Day

newborn baby wearing knitted rainbow hat

Rainbow babies are something special. And there is no one way to both celebrate their arrival into this world and to remember their angel siblings. Every year on August 22, National Rainbow Baby Day is dedicated to these celebrations and memories.  

What is a rainbow baby?

A rainbow baby is a baby born soon after a miscarriage or stillbirth. And although it is so incredible to deliver a healthy baby after such a devastating delivery, it is common to experience many mixed feelings when it comes to the new pregnancy and newborn child. Grieving takes time and looks different for everyone. Rainbow Baby Day can be a good day to experience these emotions, giving you space to celebrate and remember.  

Celebrating National Rainbow Baby Day

If you do choose to celebrate Rainbow Baby Day, the way you commemorate the day is entirely up to you. And there are countless ways, both public and private, to do so.  

For example, you could 

  • Begin a routine to honor the child/children lost (get flowers, make cookies, etc.) 
  • Write a note to your past self or your angel baby 
  • Take a private moment with yourself or with your partner to remember your angel baby
  • Share about your story online 
  • Donate to a pregnancy loss charity  
  • Support companies that support pregnancy loss nonprofits 
  • Advocate for education around miscarriage and support 

Regardless of if and how you choose to celebrate, it is important to remember to be kind to yourself if and when conflicting emotions arise. There is no one way you should feel, and many reflect that the space this day gives them to experience many emotions is incredibly freeing. That being said, Rainbow Baby Day is only one day dedicated to this space, but there are many ways for you to continue the celebration and commemoration well past August 22nd 

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