Fertility and family building

The ability to have children can feel like an impossible dream. Some grapple with the extraordinary cost of fertility treatments, while single parents by choice and members of the LGBTQ+ community struggle to find accessible paths to parenthood. Progyny is breaking down the barriers to parenthood. Enter the Smart Cycle, an innovative benefit solution that’s breaking down barriers and fulfilling dreams.

A tailored solution that supports all employees? Now that’s smart.

Progyny’s superior success rates means employees get the care and support they need with better physical and mental health. This results in less time off and improves an employee’s focus at work.

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Physical and emotional wellness

Progyny’s superior success rates means employees are better able to maintain positive physical and mental health. This results in fewer sick days and improves an employee’s focus at work.

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Top Talent, Superior Outcomes

Companies offering family-friendly benefits typically have an advantage in acquiring and retaining top talent. As the market becomes even more competitive, family building benefits are essential.

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Science-led, data-informed

Unlike health plans that have dollar caps and restrict access to treatment, Progyny members don’t have to jump through hoops to get the care they need. Instead, they can follow their physician’s recommendations with the confidence they’re on the best path toward success.

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Surrogacy and Adoption

The Progyny benefit provides coverage for families that wish to pursue surrogacy and adoption, making it possible for single-parents-by-choice and LGBTQ+ parents to fulfill their dream of becoming parents.

A revolutionary approach to fertility

Progyny’s Smart Cycle uses a science-led, data-informed approach to treatment, which means we consistently achieve better outcomes compared to national averages. Specifically, this means higher pregnancy success rates, fewer miscarriages, and lower incidences of multiple births and post-pregnancy complications.

Covered Treatments

Progyny clients typically cover the full range of the leading edge fertility and family building treatments.

Covered Treatments

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)IVF Fresh

IVF Freeze-All

Genetic Testing


Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

Frozen Oocyte Transfer (FOT)

Surrogacy Embryology Services

Timed Intercourse

Fertility Preservation (Egg/Sperm/Embryo Freezing)

Donor Tissue Purchase


The Progyny Smart Cycle is designed for comprehensive coverage. The initial consultation and diagnostic bundle provides each member with access to all standard of care services necessary — so your doctor has all of the diagnostic information needed for your unique treatment plan.


Fertility medications are essential to treatment but can often be one of the most stressful and costly aspects of treatment. Progyny provides fertility medication coverage designed to work seamlessly with treatment coverage. Progyny partners with leading specialty pharmacies to provide clinical support and overnight delivery of medications. Members have concierge support and access to a pharmacy clinician 24/7.

Concierge Care

Your dedicated Patient Care Advocate (PCA) can guide you through the treatment plan recommended by your provider.

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