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There is nothing more fundamental to life than the urge to continue it. But while it may be the most natural thing in the world, childbirth is far from the easiest and no two fertility journeys are the same. For that reason, we are breaking from the typical podcast form. Each episode is hosted by a different voice who brings their own unique point of view to the complex and ever-changing world of infertility. Our hosts are licensed clinical social workers, patient care advocates, clinical psychiatrists, reproductive endocrinologists, real fertility patients, and others who are, in one way or another, experts in the world of fertility. We fuse narrative storytelling with experience and science to give you a new perspective on what it’s really like to go through this journey.

Episode 10: What it Means to Be Pregnantish: Andrea Syrtash

Dealing with infertility can often be extremely physically and emotionally demanding. Sometimes, it may even feel like you’re living two different lives at once. One in public, pretending to be okay and going about life as you know it, and one behind the scenes, waiting, worrying, and wondering when your dream of having a family will finally come true.  

Our guest came up with the perfect term that encapsulates this life in limbo: Pregnantish. Andrea Syrtash is a relationship expert, founder, and editor-in-chief of pregnantish.coman online magazine dedicated to helping individuals navigate the emotional, personal and practical realities of dealing with infertility and fertility treatments.  

In this episode, Andrea recounts her journey of undergoing both IUI and IVF, dealing with multiple devastating pregnancy lossesand exploring gestational surrogacy. She shares her story of how she stopped focusing on getting pregnant and started focusing on becoming a parent, to build the family she always wanted.  

Guest: Andrea Syrtash, Founder at 

Expert: Dr. Brad KolbHRC Fertility 

HostDr. Georgia Witkin, Head of Patient Services Development at Progyny 

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Dr. Georgia Witkin, Head of Patient Services Development for Progyny

She’s also an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Ob/Gyn and Reproductive Sciences at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, and Director of Psychological Services for RMA of NY. Georgia is the author of 12 acclaimed books, including The Female Stress Survival Guide, The Male Stress Survival Guide, and Stress Relief for Disasters Great and Small, and is a prolific writer of research articles about women, stress, and reproductive medicine. She has been honored by the AIA, AFA, Resolve, and City of Hope. She has also served as a health reporter/host for CNBC, WNBC, and the Fox News Channel, and has been featured as a guest expert on 20/20, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and CNN.


Andrea Syrtash, Founder & Editor-in-chief of Pregnantish

Andrea is a Relationship Expert and the Founder of, the first media site exclusively dedicated to helping singles, couples & LGBT navigate fertility treatments and infertility. A regular on-air personality, Andrea’s hosted television shows for Oprah’s OWN and Fox; and regularly appears as a guest expert on TV and radio shows across the country. She’s the author of popular books including, He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s a Good Thing) and Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband). Andrea frequently speaks about how to improve relationships, most recently at the TEDx ‘Makers’ Conference. She is committed to breaking the taboo of infertility, and elevating the conversation about what it takes to start a family for millions of people today. Follow her @andreasyrtash, and find more @pregnantish

Dr. Bradford Kolb, Reproductive Endocrinologist and Medical Director and Managing Partner of HRC Fertility in Southern California

He is internationally known for his expertise in complex reproductive matters and is one of the largest providers of egg donation and surrogacy in the United States with patients traveling from around the world to HRC Fertility Pasadena to see him. His practice is known for helping to develop and implementing cutting edge technologies in the genetic screening of embryos, the development of new laboratory technologies and the development of highly efficient treatment.

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