Unparalleled Support is One of the Key Drivers to a Comprehensive Fertility Benefit 

PCA providing phone support

In a recent blog post, Amanda Lesesne, infertility advocate and VP of Sales at Progyny, discussed some of the discriminatory and outdated barriers to accessing fertility treatment that are commonly seen in traditional insurance plans. But other family building benefits, like Progyny, offer a robust, comprehensive plan that not only eliminates all of these typical barriers, but also gives members the one thing they may not realize they need – support and having someone in their corner who knows the world of fertility. We call them Patient Care Advocates, or PCAs.  

PCAs are a key differentiator in the Progyny plan design. They act as a key member of a patient’s fertility journey, helping them understand all of the complicated nuances of fertility treatments, assisting them in finding the right fertility clinic and making appointments, and acting as a sympathetic sound board for all of the emotional ups and downs that come along with any family building journey.  

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