Progyny Launches YouTube Channel to Expand Family Building Education Resources 

Progyny is on YouTube

Progyny announced today the launch of its YouTube channel to educate patients and the general public about all things fertility. This channel will be an additional resource that gives insight into the many factors contributing to infertility, the possible treatments, and what patients need to know during a family building journey. From trying to conceive to navigating potential roadblocks along the many paths to parenthood, we are here to support the fertility community every step of the way. Progyny’s YouTube channel will cover several themes and topics such as LGBTQ+ family building, fertility treatment options, mental health and emotional support, and more.

Each video will be paired with a different host from the Progyny network, including licensed clinical social workers, reproductive endocrinologists, Patient Care Advocates (PCAs), and fertility patients.  

To celebrate this debut, we launched seven playlists and nineteen videos. Here’s an overview:  

Playlist #1: Treatment Options 

  • Covers the steps of IVF, ways to increase the IVF transfer success with PGT-A, the basics of intrauterine insemination (IUI), and what to expect at your initial fertility consultation.  

Playlist #2: Fertility Preservation 

  • Discusses the egg freezing process and oncofertility.  

Playlist #3: LGBTQ+ Family Building 

  • Explores the different family building options for individuals, same sex couples, and those in the trans community.  

Playlist #4: Female Fertility and Health 

  • Dives into the basics of polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids.  

Playlist #5: Male Fertility and Health 

  • Examines the male fertility evaluation and the impact of age on fertility. 

Playlist #6: Emotional Support + Awareness 

  • Investigates the emotional toll and importance of support throughout a fertility journey. 

Playlist #7: Progyny + Benefits 

  • Highlights the unique advantages of Progyny’s benefit design.  


Join us and subscribe to the channel as we dive into these topics with experts in the field of fertility. 

Please reach out to if you are interested in participating in a Progyny YouTube video.