Breaking the Silence and Stigma at Work

1 in 8 will experience infertility whitepaper

Even though you may not be be hearing about family building challenges in the workplace, it doesn’t mean it’s not a problem for your employee population. In fact, employees will often stay silent at work due to stigma and fear of negative career consequences, compounding the sense of isolation they may already feel. Stress, anxiety, and depression are all common psychological effects of infertility. These effects, coupled with the physical strain that accompanies fertility treatment, can substantially impact an employee’s productivity, energy, and overall mental health. As more and more companies rightfully pledge commitments to diversity and inclusion, and family-friendly workplaces, it’s essential to recognize and support those whose road to parenthood may be a bit more complicated.

We created our Breaking the Silence and Stigma at Work Guide as resource for benefits and HR leaders to learn more the family building journey and tangible ways to support employees on the path to parenthood.

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