What is a Smart Cycle?

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The Smart Cycle is Progyny’s easy-to-understand benefit currency. Progyny bundles all services necessary for a treatment cycle into this unit of currency. Unlike traditional fee-for-service carrier models, members will not be burdened by having to track the individual price of any service or manage their clinical decisions based on a limited dollar maximum.

Everything needed for a comprehensive fertility treatment is contained within the Smart Cycle, including all necessary diagnostic testing and latest technology (such as PGT-A, ICSI, etc.), so that members will never worry that they will run out of coverage in the middle of their treatment cycle.

Employers elect to offer a certain amount of Smart Cycles as part of their benefit (typically ranging from 2 Smart Cycles to unlimited Smart Cycles). Each treatment or service is valued as a portion of a Smart Cycle. Members can utilize their Smart Cycles for whichever treatments they and their physician determine to be necessary throughout their fertility journey, until they exhaust their Smart Cycle balance. Members will be able to manage their Smart Cycle balance through the available member portal or by contacting their dedicated Patient Care Advocate (PCA).

Here are examples of how members can customize the use of their Smart Cycle.


If you have questions about your Progyny benefit, please contact members@progyny.com. If you’d like to bring fertility benefits to your employer, contact sales@progyny.com.