Top 17 Resources for Egg Freezing

woman reviewing books and laptop for information on egg freezing

Fertility preservation, also known as egg freezing, gives women the opportunity to preserve their fertility, whether it be for personal or medical reasons. Some might choose to delay pregnancy until they’ve found the right partner or until after they’ve established themselves in the workplace, and others choose fertility preservation ahead of chemo, radiation, or other medical interventions. No matter what the reason for choosing egg freezing, Progyny offers a variety of resources to help women better understand why it may be a valuable option in a woman’s fertility journey. Progyny provides information about fertility preservation through podcast episodes, informational videos with fertility doctors, and articles reviewing the different aspects that come along with a women’s choice to freeze her eggs. Below is a compilation of these resources for easy reference.

Podcast episodes featuring personal stories and fertility specialists from Progyny’s provider network

YouTube Videos featuring fertility specialists from Progyny’s provider network

Infographic, which outlines the steps for this fertility treatment

Articles featuring commonly asked questions and things to consider before going through treatment  

  • Understanding the Egg Freezing Process
    “Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, gives women the possibility of preserving their fertility and potentially extending their ability to have genetic children in the future.”
    This article includes sections reviewing who is a good candidate for egg freezing, reasons to consider freezing your eggs, and the process of freezing your eggs
  • 4 Questions You Should Ask About Egg Freezing
    “Considering freezing your eggs to preserve your fertility but still not sure it’s right for you? You should ask your fertility specialist these questions.”
    This article includes answers to when is the best time to freeze your eggs, the ideal number on how many eggs to freeze, difference between freezing eggs vs. embryos, and what happens if you do not use all of your frozen eggs.
  • Frequently Asked Questions During a Fertility Journey
    “Fertility treatments can be overwhelming, and it is common for the individual undergoing these treatments to have questions. We asked our Clinical Care Coordinators to compile a list of frequently asked questions and their answers to help you prepare for your fertility journey.”
    This article includes ten frequently asked questions regarding an egg retrieval, with answers provided to make you feel more comfortable about the process.
  • Five Egg Freezing Myths and Facts | Progyny
    There’s a lot of information out there, so let us help you determine what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to egg freezing.

Here at Progyny, our goal is to ensure each patient is receiving the best care for their specific journey. With the resources provided found on our Progyny’s Education Page, researching egg freezing and how it may fit into one’s fertility plan could be the next step in a women’s fertility journey.