This is Infertility Season 3 Year End Recap

Top 4 Episodes of This is Infertility Podcast

As we close season 3 of This is Infertility, we are reflecting on a turbulent year marked by extreme loss with the COVID-19 pandemic, a recession, a controversial election, wildfires, and so much more that has tested our resiliency. Whether you’re trying to start a family or not, we’ve all fought through some type of challenge during 2020. So, we’ve chosen to highlight a few stories of those struggling with infertility that we believe capture this true spirit of resiliency found in humanity this year.

Here’s a quick recap of what we achieved during season 3 of This Is Infertility:

Over the course of the 29 unique and informative episodes that Progyny produced, we received over 50,000 downloads, featured 61 guests, and added 6 bonus episodes covering Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients, Fertility and Maternal Health in the Black Community, Fertility Clinics adapting to COVID-19, Fertility Treatment pre and post COVID-19, Telehealth, and Fertility and Well-being during COVID.

During this final episode of the season, we will touch on our top 4 episodes and a COVID spotlight that we think truly embody the character of this past year.

We want to thank all our listeners and guests out there! Our podcast is nothing without the collective knowledge and experience from the fertility patients and professionals that we’ve featured.

Season 4 will be back on January 11!

Here are our top 4 episodes, plus a COVID spotlight:

  1. Episode 61: Overcoming Failed Fertility Treatments: A Male’s Perspective
  2. Episode 67: IVF, Bariatric Surgery, and Finding the Strength to Move Forward
  3. Episode 82: PCOS and Fertility: An early diagnosis, IUIs, IVF, and Baby Liv
  4. Episode 86: The Broken Brown Egg
  5. And our special bonus content about COVID and fertility

Hosts: Dan Bulger, Selena Yang, and Shannon Zuber – This is Infertility Producers and Editors

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