Fertility Outcomes Resource Center

Research and tools to measure, understand and evaluate outcomes

Clinical outcomes are essential to measuring the impact of a fertility and family building solution. Progyny is proud to be the first fertility benefits solution to publicly publish its clinical outcomes with an independent validation of its methodology. We underwent this validation to establish an industry baseline because we believe that employers should be able to trust a solution’s clinical outcomes, understand the overall value of a solution, and have transparency from their partners.

This resource center includes the full report from Milliman, as well as a workbook to help you understand clinical outcomes and evaluate vendors against best practice methodology.

Milliman Report cover - Evaluation of Progyny's Methodology Used in their Fertility Outcomes Study

Milliman Report

Progyny engaged Milliman, Inc., an independent global leader in actuarial services, to evaluate the methodology Progyny uses to compare its outcomes to national benchmarks. In its evaluation, Milliman actuaries concluded that Progyny’s methodology is appropriate and reasonable to estimate clinical outcome differences between Progyny’s population and non-Progyny populations.

Since 2016, Progyny has been the only benefits solution to publicly provide its outcomes data. Progyny has consistently achieved superior clinical outcomes across industry-standard key measures of fertility treatment success. Through its superior outcomes, Progyny’s members get pregnant meaningfully faster, experience significantly fewer miscarriages, and have healthier pregnancies and babies, as compared to national averages.

Free Workbook: Your Guide to Fertility Outcomes

Evaluating outcomes from fertility benefit vendors feels like a daunting task, but measurement of outcomes and cost for every patient isn’t as hard as it seems and is absolutely essential to understanding overall value of your healthcare spend.

Which outcomes actually matter and what does it mean for your employees? Is the data accurate? And, what exactly is the story behind the numbers? We’ve created an easy-to-use workbook to help you understand which fertility treatment outcomes matter, how to measure them, and the true impact on your employees.

Download this free and easy workbook to help you strategically evaluate solutions, know what questions to ask vendors, and determine the true impact on your employees.

July 27, 2022
Progyny is First Fertility Benefits Solution to Publish Outcomes with Independent Validation
Progyny Outcomes Consistently Exceed National Benchmarks Across Key Clinical Measures of Fertility Success