This is Infertility

From “That’s Not Good Enough” to Parenthood

“Progyny allowed us to change the conversation from one that was financially driven to one that was driven based on science and what would work best for us in our family planning process”
Caitlin Day
VP, Senior Corporate Communications Manager - Shared Services at TD

When IVF Seems Unattainable

Progyny allowed me to become a ‘mom’ - the most important title I will ever earn, so I am forever grateful.
Hilary Patterson
Teacher, Infertility Advocate, and Progyny Member


What is PGT-A and eSET?

Beginning a fertility journey sometimes feels like moving to a new country where a totally different language is spoken, and this particular language is a bit like alphabet soup. It is hard to keep all of the letters and words straight.

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Expert Interview Series

Egg donation: What you need to know

Join Dr. Georgia Witkin as she sits down with Dr. David Tourgeman, from HRC Fertility, to discuss everything you need to know about the tissue donation […]