How Do I Talk to My Doctor About Fertility?

Speaking with your doctor about fertility may be overwhelming at first. While we know appointments can sometimes feel rushed, we want to make sure you have the tools to ask the right questions and feel comfortable so that you can build a collaborative relationship with your doctor.  

There are some behavioral techniques you can employ to make sure you are heard, such as making and maintaining eye contact, repeating what the doctor says, and taking notes; all of the above communicate your focus and demonstrate your investment in the conversation. Your doctor, in turn, should respond with equal engagement and make sure to answer you comprehensively.     

One of the best ways to ensure a productive conversation is to come prepared with questions. Below we have outlined a list to ask your doctor during your appointment:  

  • What are specific ways I can improve my overall fertility health through lifestyle modifications? 
  • What testing should my partner and I (if applicable) before I start trying to conceive? 
  • How soon after going off birth control will I be able to get pregnant? 
  • Do I have any preexisting conditions that might impact my ability to get pregnant? 
  • At what point should I see a fertility specialist if I have been trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully? 
  • Are my medications impacting my ability to get pregnant and if I do get pregnant, can I continue to take them? 
  • My mother had three miscarriages—is this something I should be worried about as I try to build my family? How can I reduce my chances of miscarriage? 
  • When should I start taking prenatal vitamins?  

During a fertility journey, so much can feel out of your control and empowering yourself with knowledge is a great way to take charge of your experience. If you can, think of yourself as a consumer who is entitled to ask as many questions as you’d like, as opposed to a patient.  

If you are a Progyny member undergoing fertility treatment or are just interested in learning more about your options, contact a Patient Care Advocate (PCA) directly at 888.597.5065. PCAs are knowledgeable about the benefit and are there to provide emotional support to members throughout their journeys.  

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